Friday, February 4, 2011

To start with...

To start with, I shall talk a little bit about myself.
 I'm guy who likes music, it differs from death metal to reggae.
 I've got sick of all this mainstream crap and stupidity and want to rant about how ignorant people really can be.
I'll start off later tonight, to bring out what has really got on my nerves lately. Somethings may seem obvious and just stupid to even point out, but I really cant care, can I.

As you noticed, yes my english isn't very good, and has a lot of grammar mistakes, its because it isn't my first language.

And now, just have fun reading.


  1. I'm new to the blogging scene as well bud. Just keep at it, I'll look forward to reading your stuff.

  2. Death metal is disgusting, reggae is awesome. This blog has potential, I'll follow.

  3. :D well death metal and reggae aren't the only one I'm listening to...
    no gona list all genres. Instead, Some famous artists/bands: Mettallica, AC-DC, Arch Enemy, AS7F, Pendulum, Disturbed, Turisas and more.

  4. Good to see someone that has musical interests like mine; also, welcome to blogspot!