Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines...

Today is a happy day.
The day when we wish everyone "Happy Valentines" and remember our beloveds.
Well sucks to be friendless at that time of year. I'm not but there are people who don't have any Real friends, I mean of course everyone knows, you know everyone else but you don't hang out with them or can't give a F*** about them.
So that's why me and friends invited together all of our friends we don't see so often (and by all, I mean everyone we knew). We got together and just celebrated, we didn't drink or do any other drugs etc. We just chatted, had fun, went sledging, and had a really good time (it was -25 degrees Celsius btw).

On the other hand I actually don't like Valentines, It's to Commercial and just Fake.

Well "Happy Valentines" and have good time til it lasts.
I now also have a Twitter:!/Sa83702

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Empty Promises....

Well hello again.
Thought I should talk a little about empty promises.
Everyone hates them, even I do, although I've been making these myself to, with this blog, and in real life. Being a real hypocrit now, haven't I. Never thought It would take so much free time from me, well at least that's my excuse. Whats your excuse for not keeping them?
Don't think that I've been just slacking off on my free time, I have continued the story promised in my last post.
It feels like it's taking forever to complete. Although if I wont end it soon it well like some kind of a small novel.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Second post....

Hi guys,
haven't been able to get online and blog, because of my crappie internet host, til today.
I know I promised to make a start on Friday, but I forgot that I had other plans.
Wanted to write today, but its to late to finish it right now, and I wouldn't want to post just the half today and the rest tomorrow.

Friday, February 4, 2011

To start with...

To start with, I shall talk a little bit about myself.
 I'm guy who likes music, it differs from death metal to reggae.
 I've got sick of all this mainstream crap and stupidity and want to rant about how ignorant people really can be.
I'll start off later tonight, to bring out what has really got on my nerves lately. Somethings may seem obvious and just stupid to even point out, but I really cant care, can I.

As you noticed, yes my english isn't very good, and has a lot of grammar mistakes, its because it isn't my first language.

And now, just have fun reading.