Thursday, February 10, 2011

Empty Promises....

Well hello again.
Thought I should talk a little about empty promises.
Everyone hates them, even I do, although I've been making these myself to, with this blog, and in real life. Being a real hypocrit now, haven't I. Never thought It would take so much free time from me, well at least that's my excuse. Whats your excuse for not keeping them?
Don't think that I've been just slacking off on my free time, I have continued the story promised in my last post.
It feels like it's taking forever to complete. Although if I wont end it soon it well like some kind of a small novel.


  1. just do your best i guess :)

  2. We all make empty promises all the time.

  3. Your word should stand as firm as it can be, so later on you can tell: "I tried. I tried my hardest, my best. But I didn't keep my word. Sorry."
    People will understand.